Hot chick trying out device bondage

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Regular bondage just doesn’t do it anymore for this chick, so she applied to be a device bondage test subject. We had just the thing for her, and soon she was all tied up down on the floor, with very little place to move and with a vibrating part of the device stuck up her pussy. She was moaning loudly and rocking her hips, so we suppose this bondage device was pure success.

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Weird device bondage scene

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Now, this looks uncomfortable, I don’t know how they got this chick to willingly hop into this device bondage video, but she’s in and positioned so all of her spots are under assault by the tireless machines. She’s bent backwards with her legs parted and bent back, she can’t even move a muscle as the orgasms rock her body, she’s getting a fucking she’ll need quite some time to recover from.

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Slim babe anal fucked in device bondage

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Here’s a contraption most of the chicks would run from, but here we have a skinny brunette that always got turned on by device bondage. Well, now it’s time for her to give it a try, and the device we have for her has an extra feature, not only does it stop her from moving, it’s got a big twirling dildo that we stuck up her ass, now that got her moaning like she never moaned in her life with live lovers.

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Hot chick pinned down and abused in device bondage gallery

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I sure hope you are up for something new, because here are some scenes that you probably never saw before. If you haven’t heard of device bondage, here goes, this here is one of the babes unfortunate enough to apply for it, she found herself pinned down and roped tightly, with uncomfortable nipple clamps tugging at her nipples wherever she moves, and she has to move, she’s got a big dildo drill up her pussy ravaging her non stop.

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Simple device bondage scene

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Here’s one of the simplest device bondage contraptions I’ve ever seen, it looks like something out of middle ages, it’s just a block of wood with holes for both arms and legs, but it’s great for forcing the babe to spread her legs wide apart and to keep both of her love holes completely accessible to the dildo drill that the operator was happy to use on both that wet cunt and the tight rear entrance.

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