Hot chick pinned down and abused in device bondage gallery

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I sure hope you are up for something new, because here are some scenes that you probably never saw before. If you haven’t heard of device bondage, here goes, this here is one of the babes unfortunate enough to apply for it, she found herself pinned down and roped tightly, with uncomfortable nipple clamps tugging at her nipples wherever she moves, and she has to move, she’s got a big dildo drill up her pussy ravaging her non stop.

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Simple device bondage scene

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Here’s one of the simplest device bondage contraptions I’ve ever seen, it looks like something out of middle ages, it’s just a block of wood with holes for both arms and legs, but it’s great for forcing the babe to spread her legs wide apart and to keep both of her love holes completely accessible to the dildo drill that the operator was happy to use on both that wet cunt and the tight rear entrance.

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Up side down device bondage pictures

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This babe was itching to try out something new, and when device bondage was suggested to her she gladly accepted. This here is one of the weirdest bondage machines I saw, but hey, it works. The chick is hoisted up in the air up-side-down with a dildo drill up her pussy not letting her catch a breath at all, she’s getting fucked mercilessly and nothing is getting her out until she cums.

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Cute brunette trying out device bondage

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How about a nice cute looking teen getting abused by a device. This chick wanted to try out some light bondage, but before she knew it she was stuck in a device bondage scene with a machine drilling at her both love holes and two guys applying rows and rows of clamps on her body, starting from tits and going down her sides. That sure is a nice introduction to bondage, and I’m sure the chick will love it in no time!

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Chick caught in device bondage action

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When this unfortunate girlfriend agreed on trying out bondage, she probably didn’t have this in mind, but she ended up in it anyway, her boyfriend made a device bondage setting and got her all tied up and unable to move. It’s really tight there, and the poor chick could only moan as the machine tugged on the nipple clamps from time to time and drilled at her pussy, not letting her catch her breath at all.

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